Rapport d'activités pour l'année 2016

“ Optimism is the faith that leads to fulfillment. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence 

Helen Keller

Activities in Switzerland

The charity dinner took place on 2 July 2016 at the Grande Salle in Oulens-sous-Echallens. The guests had the pleasure of sharing a good meal while meeting Nina Burri, Grupo Siembra musicians, Albert de Gruffy and his team, but not only!

Nina Burri

Grupo Siembra

Albert de Gruffi

“El Taxi” with the Kids

Yoga with Andrea Messi

Good vine thanks to Philippe Bovet

A great team in the kitchen, extraordinary volonteers

Little ones


Unique guests

A VIP corner

DJ Philippe arranging the sound

Stéphane Etter capturing the light

A lot of joy !

A whole program !

If you have missed the 2016 edition, do not miss the next one! Come and support us on saturday, June 24, 2017 in Oulens, at 5 pm. Come with your children, your friends, your loved ones and your neighbors to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the association UN PANIER POUR NOËL around a good raclette !!! Spread the word ! 

The stands

In November and December 2016, we organized several stands to raise funds. It took place at the Migros de Renens, at OBI, at the Migros des Bergières in Lausanne, at Romanel, at Cugy and at the Autogrill restaurant in Bavois.

A big thank you to Audrey, Dolf, Bety, Luis-Carlos, Abigaël and Kelly for their commitment on the stands as well as to Constance Braissant for her delicious home-made jams, among other things.

April 17, 2016 in Ecuador

An earthquake of 7.8 on the Richter scale destroyed homes and communities throughout Ecuador in April 2016, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. This time the earthquake had a force equivalent to 20 billion kilograms of dynamite and lasted 20 minutes, enough to move the foundations of the building and make cracks in the earth. Even though the epicenter was located on the northwest coast of Ecuador, tremors could be felt throughout the country and more than 30,000 people lost their homes in this natural disaster.

Activities in Ecuador

We organize the distribution of the Christmas baskets on the island of Muisne, in the area heavily affected by the earthquake.

Muisne, it is a beautiful beach that stretches away as far as the eye can see, an old barge to cross an arm of the sea and go to the island, a small community made up of humble, generous and honest people, but unfortunately it is also a lot of poverty …

Ticket distribution

Three days before Christmas, we go from house to house in the districts Pueblo Nuevo, Entrada al Matanbal, 12 de Julio, Aldea, El Relleno, Barrio Chino, Tongorachi, El Cabo de San Fancisco, Bunche, El Salto, Palme junta, Valverde , El Lojal, on the island of Muisne as well as in the surrounding communes, on the continent.

We invite the most disadvantaged to a big Christmas party. It will take place on the 24th of December 2016 at the Coliseum, a kind of large gym that the municipality lends us for the occasion, on the island. Only people with a ticket will be allowed at the Coliseum that day. 

The crossings, in the barge with the car or in motorized pirogues

December 24th, the Christmas party


Thanks to Jasmine Veser, Elisabeth Clavel to Adam and Audrey, to Aline Zwahlen and Angela Recchia we have been able to distribute 300 beautiful teddies, all different, brought from Switzerland, to the children of Muisne, blessed and happy…


We then proceed to the distribution of 500 baskets, each containing : 2Kg of rice, 1Kg of salt, 1Kg of sugar, 500g of condiments, 400g of pasta, a box of peas, 1/2l of oil, 1.6l of soda, 100g of ketchup, a bag of coffee 25g, a 420g panettone and a $6 card to buy the chicken.

Thank you to the naval forces of Esmeraldas base and in particular to Sergeant George who coordinated the troops and lent us the truck.

To the policeman of the island and to the municipality of Muisne, a big thank you too.

On the 25th of December we are expected in Santo domingo de los Tsachillas for a second Christmas party and for the distribution of 50 baskets as well as thirty teddies more….

Coup de pouce at the retirement home of Santa Ana San Joaquin 

The “coup de pouce” of Barbara and Kevin Smith helped to equip the fifty-one beds of the retirement home of Santa Ana y San Joaquin in Santo Domingo de los Tsachillas, with waterproof sheets and replace all the old rubber pieces placed on the mattresses to protect them. Maria Zembrano sewed the sheets with a special waterproof cloth.


Without you it would not have been possible!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you