Activity report 2022

Activities in Switzerland

The Fritada

On 1 October 2022, the Grande Salle in Oulens-Sous-Echallens hosted the Fritada, a typically Ecuadorian feast. As usual, this event was the perfect opportunity to share convivial moments with friends, family and colleagues, allowing everyone to discover the delights of Ecuadorian gastronomy.


The children also enjoyed prize-winning activities.

Bravo for
their creativities!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the day so wonderful. Adam, Ana, Anthony, Audrey, Carlos, Irina, John, José, Keni, Laura, Noah, Sylvie, Theo, Toni, Victor, and Vincent.

Alone, as a couple, with family or friends, you were there.

Many thanks on behalf of all the beneficiary families

For your time, energy and, above all, good humour…… Well done to you all!

Thanks to the donations of Abigaël, Constance and Valjeanne, our Trésor à Petit Prix was present this year in a number of different places, enabling many people to pick up beautiful objects that will have a second life somewhere….

Thanks to Alexandra, Sylvie and Vincent for their invaluable collaboration.

7 August 2022, Villeneuve
13 november 2022, Yverdon

The stands

The stands were an opportunity to discover the work of Ecuadorian Craftsmen from different regions of the Country, and also to share the Association’s work in Ecuador.

Many thanks to Eric, Sylvie and Vincent for their commitment, their time and their courage during the cold winter days. And also to the Shopping Centres that allow us to use their facilities, Restoroute Bavois, Migros, Monsieur Rizzelo, and, above all, to the people who visit us at the stands.

Thanks to Angela , Anbei Madeleine, for these magical Cuddly Toys, which always bring joy to so many children.

If you have stuffed animals in your Home that no longer have a place, we can find Families willing to adopt them.

Many thanks to Constance for these Delicious Jams which, for several years now, have accompanied our Stands and delighted the palates of many gourmets.

At the last stand of the year, Herve and Françoise gave us a Magnificent Concert.

Hard work pays off! Several prizes were up for grabs: a panoramic flight over the Alps, pizzas from Pizzeria Bella Vita in Gland, and a bottle of wine.

Here are our lucky winners!

Many thanks to Stefan Baumann, Oswaldo from Bella Vita, and Vincent for their generosity in supporting us with these fabulous prizes, which we were able to share with the volunteers.

If the smiles of our wonderful volunteers are contagious, come and be part of this group. It’s the best therapy for depression, and treatment is guaranteed! There’s always a place for you.

If volunteer work isn’t paid for, it’s not because it’s worthless, but because it’s priceless!

Sherry Anderson

The winners of the 2022 Christmas Raffle

Thanks to Stefan Baumann’s generosity, we were able to offer, as a fantastic First Prize, a Panoramic Flight over the Swiss Alps!

Thanks to Marisol‘s kind spontaneity, we were able to offer a wonderful Second Prize, a collagen treatment at Ever Secret.

Vincent, for his part, donated a delicious Bottle of Rosé, making up the Third Prize of the 2022 Raffle.

The sale of these lucky tickets accompanied us for a few months, giving hope to many people. In the end, there was not just one, but three lucky winners!

At our final stand of the year, in Yverdon on November 28, 2022, the winning tickets were drawn by the magic hand of a little princess, Tessa. Whose luck will it be?

To see the video of the draw, click here.

                          Here are the winners
First Prize: Erick Tenecora
No. 84177311
Second Prize: Tatiana Eugster No. 8417768
Third Prize: Alexandra Pincay No. 84177424

The First-Prize Winner, unable to use it for personal reasons, gave it to his mother, who happily accepted it and enjoyed the flight.

the First Prize used on July 20, 2023
Price used on May 04, 2023

Thanks to everyone for participating, and maybe next time you’ll be the winner. You never know!

If every man every day threw a flower on the path of his neighbour, the roads of the earth would be so much more pleasant!

Chinese Proverb.

The travellers

Ecuador Activities

This year, we took the project to Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, a Town in the Centre-North of the Country, and the largest Commercial Centre in the territory, Home to the Tsáchilas, descendants of the Yumbos, who speak Tsafiqui, with a Tropical Humid Clime.

We received help from the Army, the Police and the Casa de Retiros Juan XXIII to carry out this activity.

To find the beneficiary families, we visited the busiest places in the city, where we found elderly people, young parents and families with small mobile businesses.

We also met disabled people

We then visited the Schools, Colleges and Churches in the most sensitive areas of the City, where children from low-income families live.

On 24 December 2022, at last, our Guests arrived for the Christmas Celebration with carols, games and presents, and they really enjoyed it.

As usual, we then distributed the baskets in the streets of the city to people who had not been able to participate in the event.

We also visited some Villages in the region

2nd Village

Children’s Christmas

Our travellers were greeted by open hands, smiles and cries of joy from many Ecuadorian Children.

A big well done! to all the volunteers and groups from the various institutions present, who worked side by side for the same cause: to give the most disadvantaged families a decent Christmas Meal. Thank you, thank you…

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In total, we distributed 700 baskets and 350 cuddly toys.

Working behind the camera

A heartfelt thank you to all the little and big hands who work throughout the year, updating the website, Facebook, spellchecking, email, design, etc., especially Eric, Laura and Santiago de Invention Studios.

and a thousand thanks to Alexia from ABExpert Fiduciaire Sàrl for looking after the bookkeeping and to Thierry from CofiRev and Angela for auditing the accounts.

Thank you all so much! A job well done!

Recognition for a well done job is a reward that is often much more appreciated than a salary.



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